South Wales Food Festivals

Take a trip down South to experience a different kind of food festival…

Food festivals have never been so popular, so it will come as no surprise that there are dozens of professionally run events organised around Wales that are perfect for foodies who are looking for an excuse to stuff their faces.

Summer time always brings the most food festivals and it’s not hard to see why. At this time in the year the sun is shining and it’s really not hard at all to wile away an entire day just drifting from food stall to food stall, whilst sipping on a little drink. We’ve already highlighted our pick of the food festivals up North, so we thought we’d take a look at the food festivals that you can experience if you dip down into the south of Wales.

These are our top picks for food festivals in the south of Wales:

Abergavenny Food Festival

Whilst some food festivals are nothing more than a handful of stalls in a car park (which is totally fine, by the way) there are a select few that approach the level of professionalism that attracts some of the biggest names in the business.

Abergavenny Food Festival has hosted the likes of Jamie Oliver, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Monica Galetti to name a few – it’s a world-class event that’s suitable for chefs and families alike.

Where? Abergavenny When? 15th-16th September

Caerphilly Food Festival

Caerphilly is a quintessential town that should be on any foodie’s bucket list for its iconic cheese alone. Thousands of punters descend upon the market town each year to sample food from all across the world.

Over 100 stalls crowd the streets for a one day only, so whilst you might not be able try out all of the food that’s on offer you can least have a good gawp at everything whilst you’re there.

Where? Caerphilly When? 12th May

Lampeter Food Festival

Around 3,000 people live in Lampeter, with another thousand or so students pulling the numbers up to 4,000 during term time so you’d be right in expecting the Lampeter Food Festival to be a rather cosy event.

Despite its diminutive stature this is a real gem of a festival showcasing some of the finest local producers that the area has to offer. Although it doesn’t attract huge crowds, this is a festival that you’re sure to remember.

Where? Lampeter When? 28th July

Cardiff International Food Festival

Despite being held in the Welsh capital of Cardiff this can often be a very idyllic festival to visit. Masses of people attend the Cardiff International Food festival, which is held at the iconic Roal Dahl Plass every year, to try out new food mingle with other like-minded foodies.

There’s a huge range of food on offer covering the entire gamut of street food, local producers and farmers market vibes – so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something that you’ll like.

Where? Roahl Dahl Plass, Cardiff When? 6th-9th July

Cardigan River & Food Festival

The clue is really in the name! This charming riverside festival is a must-visit for any fans of locally sourced food; Cardigan is by no means a small place so expect large crowds to attend this well established event.

Local producers from all around the area are always on hand to offer free tastes and tempt you into taking a taste of Cardigan back with you. Come along to experience what Cardigan has offer!

Where? Cardigan When? 18th August

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